Gum Contour

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Fast healing time


No stitches required

Gum Contour is one of the most popular treatments which Dr Aleem regularly performs. TKC only uses the most advanced technologies to provide patients with an effective and efficient procedure. Gum contour is a fast-healing treatment where the gum is lifted using a laser to laser the gum back. In this way, we expose more of the natural teeth, and provide symmetrical gum line. You may already have beautiful teeth, why hide them, a simple procedure like gum contour can make such a big and positive difference.

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Who is suitable?

  • Patient has uneven gum line

  • Patient has too low gum line

  • Patient would like symmetrical gum line without invasive procedures

painless gum lift with waterlase laser at the Knightsbridge Clinic

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Show your natural teeth with a precise gum lift

gum contour without scalpel and stitches by Dr Sheraz Aleem

Process and Duration

 The treatment can involve multiple different aetiologies. After a thorough examination using the Global Diagnosis Protocol a treatment plan is provided. The plan may include a Waterlase treatment for crown lengthening(gum contour) that has very fast healing times because it is a laser treatment. Most cases require a single appointment to complete the gum contour treatment. The process is minimally invasive and is performed under local aesthetic. The laser is used to laser the gum back. The key during this treatment is the dentist. Dr Sheraz Aleem has a wealth of experience in cosmetic dentistry and in laser dentistry. Therefore, we are able to provide patients with a gum contour treatment that is precise and aesthetically considerate.

Recovery time

Since we use the latest technology, no stitches are needed and thus so we are able provide our patients with a smooth post treatment recovery. It normally takes a week to heal. However, on average most patients feel completely fine in about 3 days after the gum contour.

Your TKC Journey

Make an impact with your after SMILE

Before Gum contourGum contour after Waterlase laser

Our patient gum line was uneven, we used the Waterlaser laser to achieve a symmetrical gum line. Sometimes small tweaks like gum contour are required to simply enhance the already there beautiful smile.

Before Gum contour with Waterlase laserResults after one appointment for Gum contour with Waterlase laser

Our patient gum line was too low and hiding her natural teeth. The heeling took less than a week and she can now enjoy showing off her beautiful natural teeth, thanks to a precise gum contour.

Our patient gum line was very low and her natural teeth were not as visible as she would like them to be. Her gum contour treatment took 2 appointments, completely pain-free. Her beautiful natural teeth are now on show and she can enjoy smiling even more.

Our patient came in for gum contour and then she had composite bonding to complete her smile. It took only a few days to heal and now she can smile with confidence.

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What our patients say

I first met Dr, Aleem at TKC back in 2018, it’s been an amazing journey. He went through the most practical way to solve my teeth issues. My teeth are now more than perfect and I would trust him, and TKC again and again. I am still a patient there because I simply love the service though it’s not anywhere near my home. I would highly recommend the practice, everyone here is simply amazing here. Kudos for the amazing service, guys!
Surender Kaur Google Review

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