Gum Contour with Waterlase laser

Explore some of the gum contour cases Dr Aleem has completed using the state-of-the-art Waterlase laser. Non-invasive, no pain, no stitches and fast healing times.

Gum contour and composite bonding

Gum contour with waterlase laser
Gum contour and composite bonding
Before gum contourBefore gum contour
Before Gum contour with Waterlase laserResults after one appointment for Gum contour with Waterlase laser
Gum ContourGum Contour
Before Gum contourAfter gum contour
Gummy smile beforeAfter gummy smile treatment
Gum contour with waterlase laserGum contour with waterlase laser
Before gum contourAfter Gum Contour

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More before and after cases will be shown to you at the clinic. For regular updates follow our social media channels.