Teeth Whitening

No damage to enamel

5-7 shades whiter teeth

At home and at clinics options 



I like yellow teeth…said noone ever!

Teeth whitening is a very popular treatment at TKC. We offer patients at home whitening and at clinic whitening and only the brands that are tested and proven to work. Some patients come in to get teeth whitening procedure as a result of teeth discolouration and darker looking teeth. Both can be caused by smoking, drinking red wine, coffee, tea and even so some mouthwashes. However, in most cases we treat, patients have teeth whitening in combination with other treatments like: veneers, implants and crowns. In this way our patients enjoy whiter teeth that are also matching the colour of their new ceramic units.

When to have teeth whitening?

  • Teeth discolouration

  • Darker looking teeth

  • After an orthodontic treatment

  • As part of cosmetic treatment to match the new crowns/veneers/composite bonding

At home and Clinic Teeth whitening

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At Home Teeth Whitening

Start with it

Your teeth whitening process will start with at home gel kit. You will be guided precisely how to use it by your dentist.

At Clinic Teeth Whitening

Boost it

You will visit us only two weeks after you have completed the at home treatment. Upon the second and final stage, your dentist will perform whitening treatment with gels and laser.

Effective and kind to the enamel

Which colour can I achieve?

  • To boost your results you may choose a combination of at home and at clinic teeth whitening

  • The final colour depends on your current teeth colour, lifestyle and teeth whitening treatment

  • To enable better results, dental hygiene ideally with airflow is recommended before teeth whitening starts

Teeth Whitening

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Make an impact with your SMILE

Invisalign and Teeth Whitening

If teeth whitening is not suitable for you or cannot achieve the colour you desire, you might be advised to have Porcelain Veneers, which unlike natural teeth do not stain. Learn more here.

What our patients say
I’m really happy with both my treatment and overall experience at TKC.
I had the Invisalign treatment with Dr Aleem and results are amazing. Also had the clean and teeth whitening.
It was easier to handle the aligners with support of the Doctor who cares about making your smile perfect.
Highly recommend the Clinic. Everyone is very professional and nice!

Aleksandra Ongley- Google Review

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