Corporate Dental Plans

TKC Dental offers tailor-made corporate packages for companies of all sizes and industries. Each package is customised to suit your company’ and employees’ needs. Thus allowing reduction of staff downtime and making employees feel valued by you, as well as encouraging a positive working environment.

Our current corporate clients benefit from:

  • Complimentary consultation and evaluation.
  • Reduced waiting times for employees.
  • Complimentary hygienist visits.
  • Friends and family rates for corporate client referral patients.
  • Employee motivational rewards including: vouchers for teeth whitening, sports guards and sleep guards.
  • Regular dental screening to avoid advanced dental problems.
  • Remote consultations to suit overseas employees and regular travelers.
  • Long-Term Guarantee.

Please, note each corporate plan is specifically made to meet your requirements and needs. The above list is an example of the services that are mostly desired by our corporate patients.

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