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TKC has been at the forefront of the latest teeth straightening techniques and systems. We offer patients a wide range of solutions from Lingual Braces (Win systems), Labial Braces through to Ceramic Braces and Damon Advanced Bracket Systems. Dr Sheraz Aleem has completed hundreds of fixed braces treatments ranging from simple to complex cases. Quite often patients come to us, because we offer all other cosmetic dentistry treatments at the highest level. In other words, patients are able to have a complete smile make-over with us. We also offer Invisalign treatment, which sometimes is used in combination with fixed braces to straighten the teeth.


Why patients have fixed braces?

Fixed braces are a step by step, monitored solution to straighten teeth. Your doctor is able to adjust your braces as regularly as necessary. The fixed braces do not require patients to take them off to eat or to clean them (unlike Invisalign), which potentially would have resulted in wearing the braces less than necessary.

  • Close up gaps between teeth
  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Realignment of crowded teeth
  • Remove overbite- front teeth overlap too much

  • Close open bite- some teeth aren’t contacting
Fixed Braces by Dr Sheraz Aleem

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Precise Adjustments, Precise Results

During your initial consultation Dr Aleem will perform a full assessment including taking essential x-rays. You will be able to discuss in detail your goals and concerns and see similar cases to yours. Accordingly, he will then propose a custom-made treatment plan. The length of each treatment varies and it is entirely dependent on the complexity of your case. Often fixed braces can be a quicker solution than clear aligners depending on the specifics of your case.

At the end of your treatment you will be provided with fixed and removable retainers. You will be given precise instructions by Dr Aleem and your dedicated treatment coordinator.

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Fixed Braces Solutions for Fixed Long-term Results

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Fixed braces teeth straighteningFixed braces teeth straightening

Our patient’s central teeth were overlapping. It took only a few months of wearing Fixed Braces for this minimal misalignment case to be completed.

Before fixed bracesFixed braces results

Our patient teeth were gappy and overcrowding. This is a complex case which required fixed braces on both arches to reposition the teeth.

Simona had fixed braces for about one year. When she came to us her teeth were severely misaligned, crowded, and she wanted to finally straighten them. She followed the hygiene routine at home and at clinic, and now her smile is stunning. Her natural teeth are beautiful, they simply needed to be in order. Thanks to a fixed braces treatment, she is now enjoying smiling.

Fixed Braces
After Fixed Braces

A slightly complicated case, where our patient’s top and bottom teeth were severely crowded. She wore fixed braces for over one year, with regular appointments and precise adjustments, her teeth now are simply stunning. Very natural and beautiful straight teeth.

Fixed Braces beforeFixed Braces after

Fixed braces are especially suitable for severely misaligned teeth. This patient had fixed braces on her top and bottom arch, look at the results- simply stunning. She is now wearing retainers and her teeth continue looking amazing!

Fixed Braces and WhiteningFixed Braces and Whitening

This case is interesting to show, the patient may have had Invisalign, but for her case fixed braces was actually faster. Look closely to see how the teeth were moved back in position and very beautifully aligned.

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What our patients say

Great service with very friendly staff. I would definitely recommend.
I had braces for over a year which meant a number of appointments during that time and each one had excellent service, was always on time and enjoyed talking to the staff. As I said, I would highly recommend.
Graham Dix Google Review

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