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Natural looking results in one appointment

Are you looking for a quick, non-damaging and painless smile makeover? Composite bonding also called cosmetic bonding might be the ideal solution for you. We only use the latest equipment and the highest quality materials for durable and life-like results.

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a dental treatment where restorative material, namely composite resin is applied to the tooth or tooth surface. The material comes in a variety of shades to match your natural teeth colour. The treatment is non-invasive and pain-free because your cosmetic dentist works only on the outer enamel which has no sensation. The composite bonding procedure requires a detailed eye and craftsmanship to achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile that matches or improves your tooth shape, colour and symmetry.

Lifelike composite bonding veneers at The Knightsbridge Clinic

TKC leading Smile Design dentist with over 17 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr Sheraz Aleem performs composite bonding. Dr Aleem practices by the principle of no compromise and only offers the most advanced solutions to TKC patients. We use the award-winning Cosmodent composite bonding material from the USA as well as Inspiro by Edelweiss DR, Switzerland. Both excel in performance and provide minimal thickness and uncompromising strength.

Cosmedent Award-winning bonding material from USA

Inspiro by Edelweiss DR Switzerland

Minimal Thickness

Uncompromising strength

Why have composite bonding?

  • Fix chipped and cracked teeth

  • Close small gaps between teeth

  • Improve teeth shape, symmetry, alignment and colour

A consultation is required to determine if composite bonding is suitable for you.
Lifelike composite bonding veneers at The Knightsbridge Clinic

Complimentary Trial Smile available with the leading cosmetic dentist Dr Aleem

THE PROCESS: Composite bonding can be completed in as little as 1/2 visits. Upon your first visit, your dentist will perform a full assessment including x-rays and discuss what your goals are. You can then decide if you wish to have a trial smile which can be included in your customised treatment plan. Your second and final visit is when the composite bonding will be applied. Duration of the treatment varies depending on your case. In some cases we perform the treatment on the same day(case dependant).

AFTERCARE: Composite bonding is an effective solution to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. We advise patients to be careful with biting and crack opening foods with the composite bonded tooth/teeth. You can eat most foods, however you should be delicate with the amount of pressure you add to your teeth with composite bonding on. It is also advisable to avoid eating/drinking staining foods or drinks, such as: red wine, coffee and others. Further instructions will be provided at clinic. Each composite unit is glazed with a protective layer, however just like natural teeth cosmetic bonding stains. TKC patients get as part of their bespoke treatment plan, a complimentary re-polishing visit one year after the bonding has been placed(t&c apply). Further maintenance guidance will be provided at the clinic.

Composite BondingComposite bonding

Our patient grinds her teeth and wanted a quick solution to fix the chipped edges of her teeth. She has composite bonding on her four front teeth.

before invisalign and bondingInvisalign whitening and bonding

Our patient teeth were crowded and unevenly shaped. This patient had Invisalign Lite, composite bonding, and at home teeth whitening.

Before composite bondingAfter composite bonding

Our patient upper tooth was chipped,  he wanted a quick and natural fix. His tooth was rebuilt using non-invasive composite bonding.

Chipped tooth before bondingfixing a chipped tooth with composite bonding

Composite bonding can be used for a complete make over or to fix a small chip, like in this case. The art is in achieving natural results without anyone noticing that composite bonding was placed on the front tooth.

Before bonding and invisalignInvisalign and composite

Invisaling i7 to fix the crowding, bonding to harmonise the shape and size of the teeth and teeth whitening- a very natural smile-makeover

Fixing stained teeth with composite bondingdiscolouration fixed with composite bonding

Very subtle smile-makeover,providing all the necessary natural improvements.

Before Invisalign treatmentPost invisaling and bonding

Beautiful smile makeover with a natural finish. Invisalign Lite and Composite bonding to the front 4 teeth.

Before invisalign and bondingAfter invisalign and composite bonding

Beautiful transformation. Firstly straightening the teeth and then reshaping them with composite bonding and without any damage to the natural teeth.

One of the most asked questions related to composite bonding

Are dental veneers or composite bonding better?

This is a very good question one should ask. Neither is better all inclusively, because what matters is what is best for the patient given the concern they have and their specific case. For instance, if the restoration required is very minimal, composite bonding is more suitable and it will be normally performed in one appointment. If more teeth require restoration or the case is complex, a longer-term solution is veneers. Our signature veneers are made in California by hand, therefore they take longer for the final placement.

Porcelain veneers do not require the same maintance like composite bonding. Porcelain Veneers are simply more durable due to the material used. Generally speaking dental veneers is a longer-term solution, lasting between 15-25 years depending on patient’s personal care and lifestyle. The porcelain veneers don’t stain unlike composite bonding and natural teeth. This alone means that re-polishing might be required to maintain the colour. If the patient would like whiter teeth, this can be achieved via whitening and then applying the composite restoration. However, as we mentioned before, the resin stains so a longer term solution is veneers.

If the patient is a heavy grinder, veneers might be more suitable. The material is stronger than the composite resin but it can be made even stronger when different materials are combined. Neither treatments will damage the natural teeth due the non-invasive approach we practise. It really comes to what the best solution is for you and even so your budget requirements.

Dr Aleem always performs a comprehensive consultation, examines the anatomy of the face, critically the bite and would propose what the best option. Often both treatments are proposed and it is entirely down to the patient to decide what they would like to get. To find out more about our custom-made TKC veneers, please click here.

Composite bonding is not age dependant. It can be applied to any ages, whereas anyone under 18 would need to be accompanied by their guardian. Normally, composite bonding is a preferred treatment for younger people in their early twenties. Yet, again, it entirely depends on what the best treatment for you is and what your budget requirements are.

They are not. Composite veneers are made of less sturdy material called composite resin, whereas porcelain veneers are made from porcelain/ceramic. In our case, feldspathic porcelain powder. They may act as veneers but they are not the same in terms of material. As a result, the aesthetics of the veneer is different, the durability and aftercare.

The main benefits of composite bonding is the quick and lifelike restoration. Composite bonding is specifically suitable for minor concerns such as small chips and cracks. It is a cost-effective solution that when done by a highly experienced cosmetic dentist can provide an excellent natural finish and enhancement of the smile. For people who have an event, are travelling or would like a non-expensive fix, composite bonding could be ideal.

Yes, of course and we remove it completely non-invasively. In other words, there is no damage to the natural teeth. We have removed previously done composite bonding, although not so often. Occasionally, we have replaced composite bonding performed by us as because patients move on to have veneers. Porcelain veneers simply require less maintenance, do not stain and excel in natural finish, aside from providing a much longer-term solution. We have had cases, whereas people did not proceed with veneers initially and have tried on composite bonding for some time before having our non-invasive veneers.

Unfortunately, it can. Composite bonding is not as sturdy and when applied to a smaller area i.e. to fix a small chip/crack it is even more prone to falling off. It is not as strong as ceramics, meaning that eating hard foods, or continuing bad habits like eating pens/pencils or using your teeth to open packets, bottles etc. can damage the bonding which may cause partial damage or a full one. In other words, a small piece of the bonding may fall off or the whole restoration. In either scenarios, you should seek your dentist to fix the issue. Nonetheless, even with full compliance as per the instructions that your dentist provides, composite bonding eventually falls off or wears off, which requires a replacement. It is simply not made to last as long as ceramics do, such as porcelain veneers, or ceramic cerec crowns.

Your TKC Journey

Make an impact with your after SMILE

Three patients that had Invisalign first and the bonding to comlete their smile makover. So subtle, such high quality bonnding material that you cannot tell they had any composite bonding done.

Andrew overlapping and misaligned teeth are now history. He wore Invisalign for 10 months, had minimal composite bonding(you can’t even tell!), teeth whitening and the so important hygiene.

Lia had some gaps, which are now gone. She underwent pain-free composite bonding and her smile now is symmetrical, natural and rather pretty!

What a transformation. Our patient had composite bonding to her upper arch teeth, using Inspiro, the Swiss made brand. Minimal thickness=maximum natural result! She is delighted and so are we!

Isn’t it better if people tell you how beautiful your smile is, instead of you had your teeth done? We say let’s make it look so natural that noone can even tell. Our patient had 4 non-cutting upper arch veneers and composite bonding to the canines! Natural and Beautiful!

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What our patients say

I was extremely happy with the treatment I received at TKC.
All staff from receptionist, dental nurses and Dr Aleem, were really friendly and professional. I received a composite veneer to restore the shape of my tooth and could have not been happier with the smile they gave me. I would definitely recommend this clinic.
Denny- Google Review

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