Crown Lengthening 

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on avg. 1-2 appointments 

Crown lengthening is performed by our specialist periodontist Dr Anwar. The treatment is suitable for patients who have short crowns because the gum covers too much of the teeth which makes the teeth appear smaller. Crown lengthening may involve bone removal. Our clinic only uses the latest state-of-art technology, a Waterlase Laser to laser back the gum and the bone.

Crown lengthening at TKC

  • Advanced technology: Waterlase laser system

  • Highly experienced

  • Pain-free

  • Fast-healing times

Crown Lengthening with Waterlase laser

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Functional or aesthetic,

single or multiple teeth

Crown Lengthening

Process and Duration

The crown lengthening treatment can be completed in as little as 2 appointments. The first appointment involves a thorough assessment of your teeth including X-rays. The second appointment is when the treatment is done using Waterlase laser to lengthen your crown. Depending on your case the treatment duration can vary.

What our patients say

I am very happy with TKC. The staff were all friendly and made the experience very comfortable. So far my best dental experience I have had was here! Highly recommend!

Brianna Fritsch-Google Review

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