New patients have a full assessment upon their first visit at our practice. The consultation gives patients thorough advice by their dentist, optional treatment plans, costs and a time-line to achieve their desired goal. This consultation involves critical X-rays and can take up to 1 hour.

New Patient consultation including full examination and x-rays costs £80.

Consultation with a specialist Periodontist is priced differently. For the latest fees, please check our fees page here

We provide patients with remote consultations. Send us an email on: info@theknightsbridgeclinic.uk or info@thekensingtonclinic.co.uk with a close up image of your teeth, a brief info on your concern and what you would like to achieve. Also, please specify suitable date and time for video consultations and whether you wish to do it via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.


All chargeable assessments and treatment appointments are subject to our short notice cancellation policy. Please note due to the current circumstances our cancellation policy requires 72 hours’ notice (3 working days) for all cancelled and rescheduled appointments. Cancellations and rescheduling of appointments on Friday for appointments the following Monday, during the weekend and during bank holidays must be notified within 3 working days. We are putting additional effort in organising our diary and we kindly ask you to help us maintain it by coming to your appointment on time or letting us know about changes to your appointment in advance. All appointments cancelled in less than 72 hours(3 working days) are subject to £1 charge per booked appointment minute. Failure to attend same day appointments will be subject to the same charges. If you are running late please let us know as soon as possible, if you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may be subject to cancellation, and you will be charged a cancellation fee.

TKC Dental reserves the right to refuse booking an appointment if patient repeatedly misses an appointment, cancels last minute or does not cover the cancellation fees on time.


You can call us and explain what your dental concern is; for instance if you are currently experiencing pain or you are looking for a cosmetic enhancement. During the phone conversation, your treatment coordinator will advise you whether you should have a routine of a full assessment consultation.

From the first appointment it takes approx. 2-3 weeks for the veneers to be hand-made in California and delivered to us. Your veneers will be fitted in 1 day only. Please see our Porcelain veneers page for more information.

In most cases Porcelain veneers is the best long-term solution, yet you should come and see our Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Aleem who will advise you on the best treatment plan for you.

Please, don’t worry, we have top orthodontic options in-house and upon a thorough examination your dentist will advise if Invisalign or another brace system we offer might be more suitable to your case and to meet your expectations.

In order for us to help you, we invite you to visit us as soon as you can. You dentist will closely assess your teeth and take x-rays to see the status of your roots and strength. Although case dependent you may need to continue with an orthodontic treatment or if your case is not too advanced.

Yes, of course. We have seen many patients with composite and even porcelain veneers that were not done properly or simply wearing out, thus causing aesthetic concerns. Our cosmetic dentist Dr Aleem will perform full examination and advise on steps forward. We use state of the art Waterlase laser technology that will quickly remove composite/old veneers and improve your gum line(if necessary) without any pain and any damage to your teeth enamel.

Please, immediately call us to book an appointment with a specialist. Gum disease is not to be neglected and should be tackled on time. We have seen many patients that have had severe gum disease and could not find anyone who can help them out. TKC is one of the practices that provides this specialist service. The aim is to tackle the gum disease and then if necessary give you a complete smile make-over via implants and/or veneers. In some severe cases, we will need to take all rotten teeth out and place implants, where the best options are: All-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implants. Please, find out more here.

Good news, the procedure is not painful. One of the most innovative procedures we do is gum contouring. Many patients have beautiful teeth hidden under a gum line that is overly exposed. We use state-of-the-art Waterlase laser to laser back your gums and bone if needed which will allow your teeth to be on show. The procedure duration is case dependant, please find out more here. You can also see some of our many superb before and after cases here.

Yes, indeed, we are one of the few practices that offer this solution, you can find our more here. Please, contact us for more information.

You have a variety of options available depending on your case. You can have multiple individual implants placed, implant bridge or All-on-4 and All-on-6 implant solutions. Please, call our treatments coordinators who will book you in for a consultation with our highly renowned cosmetic dentist.

Yes, in many ways it is. The main reason is that it is more stable as two extra implants are added to support your teeth and bone. Besides, it is also more cost effective that All-on-4. Find more info here.

Yes, due to the direct access, you can go and see the hygienist without a check-up. Please, note your hygiene treatments should be paid upfront.

Yes, indeed we do. Zirconia crowns are preferred by patients who are metal sensitive and by patients who are looking for a holistic approach to their treatment.

Yes, we do indeed. Straumann is the most prestigious implant system and we are one of the very few who offer patients Zirconia implants and Zirconia crowns.

It depends what teeth whitening products you use. The systems and products we use are proven to work and have passed all the required testing and certification. The teeth whitening products we offer do not damage the enamel. Every patient will get a consultation with Dr Aleem to assess the teeth sensitivity and if teeth whitening is suitable. We will also provide you with your customised trays which is critical to achieve whitening results. Our patients will also receive instructions and aftercare regardless if they have at home or at clinic whitening.

It depends what teeth whitening products you use. The systems and products we use are proven to work and have passed all the required testing and certification. The teeth whitening products we offer do not damage the enamel. Every patient will get a consultation with Dr Aleem to assess the teeth sensitivity and if teeth whitening is suitable. We will also provide you with your customised trays which is critical to achieve whitening results. Our patients will also receive instructions and aftercare regardless if they have at home or at clinic whitening.

It is very important to attend regular hygiene treatments in order to maintain good oral health. Most people require 2 hygiene visits per year, where others require 4 hygiene visits per year.


Please, contact us so our qualified treatment coordinator can advise you promptly. The factors to discuss are your current teeth situation, any major work done, age and lifestyle choices.

Yes, of course we provide bespoke dental services to companies of all sizes and industries with prime focus on prevention. Each package will be tailor-made to your company’s and employee’s needs. See more here.


You can pay physically when you are in the practice, over the phone, via direct debit or by a payment link which we will email to you. You can request direct debit details via the phone or send us an email on: info@theknightsbridgeclinic.uk or info@thekensingtonclinic.co.uk

Consultation fees are always paid prior to your appointment.

Please, visit our fees page for treatments costs and finance options. Every treatment we perform is exclusively tailor-made to each patient and fees are entirely case dependent. To find out precise costs, you should have a full assessment with your treating doctor.

1.In house payment plans. The total treatment fee can be split into 4 payments, the first is 50% of the total fee, and the remainder is split equally in 3 consecutive payments. The timing of payment will be arranged with you as per your treatment plan coordinator. (enquire within)
2.If you are a member of either personal or corporate plan you get a fixed complimentary discount depending on your plan of choice.
3.If the treatment fees are settled in full prior to the start of treatment you will be rewarded with a discount- (only for plans over £2500)
4. 0% Finance for 12 months.

Finance options are available to each patient with a treatment plan of over £1000.

Insurance: Please speak to your private insurance company prior to arranging your financial terms with the clinic.


We completely understand how much anxiety can deprive patients from improving their smile. We don’t take anxiety lightly and we have had a long experience with different levels of worry, stress and anxiety that some patients had experienced before coming to us. We are here to help you relax and improve your smile. Our qualified coordinators and dentists will ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during your treatment. If you experience any form of anxiety, please make sure you share that with us upon your first consultation. We can then discuss tailored to you options and methods that calm you down. We always inform our patients for each step we are to undertake before and during their treatment. We use sedation if necessary. Our interiors are purposely designed to feel relaxing and welcoming, unlike a common dental office. A prime reason that elevates the stress in anxious patients is the reminder of common dental office whether via smells or surroundings. Besides as a bespoke clinic, each patient gets utmost care and service during and post treatment. That level of care puts patients at an ease and often instead of anxiety, our patients enjoy the whole process. We also use relaxing scents, hot towels and music.

Should you feel more comfortable under sedation, please speak to us to find out more details. We provide oral and intravenous sedation which will put you at relaxing state during your treatment.


You are more than welcome to come and see us. Many of our patients travel from across the UK and overseas to specifically have a treatment with us. Our clinic offers many treatments that noone else does. We have a long experience with outside of London patients. We will help you arrange your visit so it is convenient and fits your schedule. We can also help out with transportation and hotel/stay choices.


The choice is entirely yours. Both branches offer the exact same treatments with the exact same dentists, with some exceptions. The Kensington Clinic branch offers Periodontics and The Knightsbridge Clinic offers facial aesthetics. The quality and care are the same.

Should you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Treatment details are unique to your case and will be discussed during your consultation.