Private Membership Plans

Preventing a problem to occur is by far the best dental choice anyone can make. With our flexible membership plans you can achieve exactly that. All of our plans are designed to ensure essential and on-going care of your teeth is taken. Depending on your teeth’ genetics and predisposition to dental problems, we have carefully created 2 plans to suit our patients’ different needs. Dental issues may simply appear without your knowledge, thus you are not being able to tackle them on time which unfortunately often leads to advanced dental problems. For instance, gum issues are the underlying cause for some of the most serious dental complications. That is why each of our packages includes a minimum of 2 visits to our hygienist per year. In this way we help you maintain healthy gums and teeth.

We understand that many of our patients may need or would like to improve their smile appearance and teeth’ strength, therefore each member is entitled to a min. of 7% discount on certain general dentistry treatments (t&c apply)


  • 1 Dental Examination per year
  • 2 Hygienist Consultations per year(one to include Airflow polish)
  • 2 routine bitewing x-rays
  • 7% discount on treatments.t&c apply.
  • 25% off home tooth whitening
  • SAVE min. £188


  • 1 Dental Examination per year
  • 4 Hygienist Consultations per year(one to include Airflow polish)
  • 2 routine bitewing x-rays
  • 10% discount on treatments.t&c apply.
  • 50% off home tooth whitening
  • SAVE min. £320

A membership plan not only is a great value for money but it will help you spread the cost of your routine dental and hygiene appointment.

Benefits of joining a Plan

Routine dental examinations, including full dental examination, advice, treatment planning, oral health screening.
Periodontal services including full scale and polish, removal of tartar and calculus build up, review of current oral hygiene procedures, periodontal screening and advice, preventative techniques to help reduce decay and gum disease, pocket charting to measure and monitor any gum shrinkage.
Exclusive access to our advanced dental services at a preferential rate.

How do I join?

Please, sign up directly using the link underneath the plan you have selected. You can contact us for further information and support.

Can I add an extra person to my plan?

Discounts on your monthly membership fee when a family member joins the plan. 5% discount for two members, 10% for three or more. For further information, please email us today: or on