Dr Aleem warns, don’t get your teeth shaved down! How damaging it really is?

Dr Aleem goes in detail explaining why you should do a thorough research and not get your teeth shaved down for veneers.

”There are a lot of horror stories out there. We have seen many patients who have done veneers elsewhere, typically abroad. Their natural teeth have been shaved down so much, in most cases a 3/4 of tooth is removed. The tooth is then so small and thin, liable to fracture and in this way you can potentially lose your tooth. If anyone advises you to have your teeth shaved, say no and go see other opinions, go for the least invasive option. Once shaved, it is done, no way to reverse back to a healthy tooth.

The main damages that shaving teeth down cause are: Lack of retention, killing the pulp by cutting the tooth down down and the heat generation during the process of shaving and increased sensitivity. This all leads to the tooth dying, needing more treatments and possibly needing an implant. Many young patients take this extremely damaging route which is a life-long commitment to frankly a disaster, advanced dental issues and a hefty price tag. ”

Dr Aleem does not cut teeth, he has developed his own technique to ensure the veneers are natural, thin, lifelike without any damage whatsover on the tooth. The question is do you want long-term dental health and great quality work or not? When it comes to price, you most certainly pay more when you choose destructive and cheaper options. A lot more, in fact. Watch the video for more information.

Bottom line is, you do not need to get your teeth damaged in order to improve their appearance with porcelain veneers. Once damaged, there is no going back.

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