Smile Direct Club closed and left many people in limbo. We are here to help you!

Doctor Sheraz Aleem TKC Dental

‘’ I have spoken out loud about Smile Direct Club over the years, because I firmly disagreed with the entirely do it at home option.  It is though a shock  hear that SmileDirect Club is closed. What is truly unfortunate is that many people are left to deal with the consequences of the closure on their own, without any guidance and support. Customers of Smile Direct Club are literally left in limbo.

I have already seen many relapse cases and over the recent couple of weeks I have had a high volume of patients coming to me to continue or even fix their Smile Direct Club treatment. I can assure you that myself and my team will look after you from start to finish. We are a diamond Invisalign provider or in other words we do many teeth straightening treatments.’’- Dr Sheraz Aleem

Whether you have just started your treatment, you are in the middle of your treatment or you have just completed your treatment, get in touch. We will work out what is best first and foremost for your smile long-term, assess the prescribed treatment or in cases that you are already in treatment assess how it is going. This is more complicated that seeing a patient at our clinic whom we would take care of from start to finish and monitor their case. The main point here is to ensure your smile is taken care of in the best possible way. The bite plays a critical role in a teeth straightening treatment. By coming to a highly experienced clinic, you will get guidance, support and treatment that is truly best suited for you and ensures your bite is calibrated.

We remain flexible with full understanding of the situation you were put in and provide you with convenient solutions. We are fully aware that many have comitted to a payment plan or have already paid in full. Some of you are due to have retainers only and you definately must have these. Whatever the concern is, we are here to help you out.

An article on BBC advises that for anyone in the UK who is still waiting for products, and has not had their order cancelled and paid via credit card, could also try to claim their money back via Section 75 under the Consumer Credit Act.

The best way to move forward is to contact us and we will discuss your case individually, as it should be done.

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